R Markdown Template for AGILE GISS

The AGILE GISS templates are available for Word and LaTeX - see AGILE-GISS - AGILE-GISS templates.

For reproducibility, it would be great if we would create an R Markdown template based on the LaTeX one, so that authors can write their articles with code chunks in a reproducible way. There are two options here:

  1. write our own little template package and publish it within Reproducible Research @ AGILE · GitHub
  2. create the template within the rticles package, see GitHub - rstudio/rticles: LaTeX Journal Article Templates for R Markdown

I think option two has benefits for ease of use (just install from CRAN, package might already be available/known). Of course we have less control over when the PR is merged and the new version released, but if we get to this during the summer, then we should be fine until people start writing their papers in autumn. Right?

One could also keep an eye on the progress made for academic templates in Quarto, see lack of quarto templates for academic articles and theses · Issue #170 · quarto-dev/quarto-cli · GitHub

Who would be interested to help? I have added a template to rticles before, and the package maintainers are extremely helpful. If you have some experience with R, it would be a very educational task and I’m happy to help out. Please let me know!

(pinging @repro-reviewers)