Reproducibility vs Repeatability

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greetings from the 5th AGILE PhD School in Tartu. After Carlos and Frank presented on the AGILE Reproducible Paper Guidelines one question came from the students:

What is the difference between “reproducibility” and “repeatability”?

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Dear Alex,

sorry for the silence from our part. Discourse is also new for me, and I had the wrong notification settings.

In a nutshell, I would consider repeatability a case of reproducible results. An experiment can be reproducible, but not produce repeatable results. If a study is repeatable, it means that the experiments and analysis produce similar results (usually within some threshold margin for variance). The difference to replication is that repeatability concerns the outcomes of the same (reproduced) analysis, while replication usually involves differences in experimental setup (input data, methods).

I hope this clarifies the issue somewhat!

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Just adding some further reading if students want to dig deeper in the term and their semantics: