Connect to Turing Way

I’ve been talking to Sarah Gibson from the Turing Way project (Welcome — The Turing Way). They focus on making reproducible research “too easy not to do”. Sarah mentioned that they would like to signal boost reproducible research initiatives. Thus, I think it would make sense to reach out to connect and advertise Reproducible Agile.

That is an excellent idea and I really regret this slipped by me this summer. There could be a chapter in the Turing Way Book how we introduced code execution in our community event, for example? Did you discuss any specific ideas?

I haven’t followed up on our initial discussion an there were no specific ideas beyond their offer to signal boost yet.

I’m currently preparing an “Open source for open spatial data science” keynote for FOSS4G and planning to include Reproducible Agile as positive example / motivation. Maybe you want to share that via Reproducible Agile channels as well as with Turing Way once the recording is available. | Code of Conduct